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After a life long infatuation of Egyptian culture, 90 year old Fred Guentert tells the story of how he built his own Egyptian coffin, a dream he's had since he was 8 years old.




One Sunday morning I read an article in the ORLANDO SENTINEL about a guy who had built himself an Egyptian coffin.  I was fascinated by it of course and thought it could be an interesting short doc.  So I emailed the reporter of the article hoping I could get in touch with him, but I never heard back.  At first, I kind of gave up on it, but the idea was stuck in my mind.  Who builds an Egyptian coffin for them self???  I kept thinking about the idea and how I had to get in touch with this guy.  So I kept stalking (ummm) emailing the reporter until I heard back.  Eventually the reporter, Jonathan Busdeker,  was kind enough to get back with me and put me in touch with Fred...


Now that the film is finished, some people may see it as being a bit morbid.  The film is about death and a guy who built his own coffin, so I can’t say I'm surprised.  But for me, this film was always about the celebration of life and dedication that Fred had to building his own Egyptian coffin.  I mean, really, who does that???


Most of us don’t accomplish half the things that we want to do in our lifetime, but Fred, a man who shared a lifelong infatuation with Egyptian culture made his coffin, exactly the way he wanted and I’ll always be in awe of that... 


 - Matt Mamula





FRED GUENTERT has been many things through out his life, but art seems to have tied it all together.  He worked as a graphic artist/artist for both the military and post office.  His father told him there was no money in art, but according to Fred, he always made a living off of it.


His passion though, has always been Egyptian culture.  While other kids were hitting baseballs and throwing footballs, Fred was at the museum being fascinated and studying ancient Egyptian culture.  Years later and after extensive research, Fred decided to build his own Egyptian coffin.  He recently finished it.


Fred is currently 90 years old and lives with his wife in Orlando, FL.

MATT MAMULA is an independent filmmaker who’s films have screened at the: Independent Film Festival Boston, Sarasota Film Festival, Cleveland Film Festival, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Dallas International Film Festival, DC Shorts and more.  He studied film at UCF and screenwriting at UCLA Professional Program.


He co-directed the short doc about celebrity impersonators, JUST ABOUT FAMOUS (2010), which played in film festivals across the country and also co-directed the feature doc about a full contact female football team, GRIDIRON GIRLS (2012).


He is currently in post production on a feature version of JUST ABOUT FAMOUS and another short doc about San Francisco Jassman, Ralph Carney.


He lives with his wife and two kids in Florida.


(Director / Producer / Camera / Editor / Music)